Drinking away my sorrows is looking more and more attractive by the minute

I did only just get that though

I wonder if she actually recieved that

I have something to tell soon, I just don’t know what to do. I, I I „„„„„„

Raggedy Man… Goodnight.

-Amelia Pond


(via karengilian)

Giving up on people is something I refuse to do. The only one in allowed to give up on is myself

So the thing I’ve been looking forward to all week was ruined by the presence of a certain  individual, brilliant….

At least I got to set up and install a new Nutanix server block. We totally named the VM nodes Smaug and Erebor.  Configuring switches to be distributable is harder than you’d think. What’s impressive is this new block is the equivalent of the four existing servers in terms of computing power and uses around 75% percent of the  electrical power

Still idek these days, some options seem more and more appealing